You Are Extraordinary Start Acting Like It!

I help Leaders and Visionaries bridge the gap between their achievements, true joy, and fulfilment, so they can start living their dream life.


Are you ready to shift from passively waiting for change to consciously creating the life you truly desire?

It’s time to harness your inner power and actively shape a life overflowing with abundance, wealth, and joy.

What I Can Do For You

As a certified Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach with decades of experience, I am here to empower you.

So, let’s break the loop. Your potential for greatness and fulfillment lies within.


Let’s create your prosperous life, bursting with abundance and joy, authentically and on your terms.


My 1:1 Coaching empowers you to surpass limiting beliefs, deepen your soul connection, and consciously create a life of abundance, joy, and fulfillment. Together, we'll align your path with your highest purpose for true transformation

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Retreats that elevate your life through collective energy and shared wisdom. Deepen your connection with your soul, uncover your true potential, and consciously create a life filled with abundance and joy.

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Through transformative talks, I dive into Conscious Leadership, Spiritual Alignment, and Self-Development. My talks ignite the journey towards true abundance and fulfillment.

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Best-Selling Co-Author of Limitless

How 27 impact-driven leaders broke free of their pasts and claimed their power to shape the future.

Clients Who Trust Me

Monica Benton

Federal Magistrate
"If you are in crisis because you feel the world is closing in on you, Esther's coaching will save your life. Esther's gentle coaching manner is thoughtful, free of prejudice or bias, and deeply comforting. My coaching experience came at a crucial time in my life and helped me to focus on the central values that I have. Esther demonstrated how to incorporate my living true to those values every day. The tools were more than life skills because they were centered in my spirituality something I carry with me all the time. "When there is a change in our lives, a transition that forces us to examine who we are and what we truly want, we need to know there is a method by which happy people love their lives. Accepting a life coach was my first step to discovering how to embrace the truth that I was worthy of happiness....a belief that was taken from me by life's unfortunate and sometimes cruel events."

Irene Tcruz Shimizu

Vice President of Human Resources
"I’ve never officially had a 'life coach' before, but it seemed natural that I would trust my path with Esther. But then I started thinking and actually I came to the realization that Esther has been my life coach for the past 19 years. She has been a mentor to me as I learned the Seattle communities and worked with many non-profit organizations. She guided me spiritually as I yearned to know more. She worked with me to develop my personal training goals to achieve a better physical sense of self, confidence and fitness. Thank you Esther!"

David Johnson

College Professor
Esther is phenomenal! Her understanding of Spirit and our connection to Spirit and each other transformed my life! I highly recommend Esther's services to all those who are seeking self-awareness and clarity regarding their life journey.
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