Throughout my professional career I have ministered and coached individuals on issues as varied as corporate politics, job dissatisfaction, family matters, parenting teens, lost love, challenging toddler behavior, and career changes.

After more than 25 years of executive-level program and project management experience as a Business Administration professional, it was time to review my personal and professional strengths to assure that my skills and life work were properly aligned. What I discovered was a path through my own soul’s journey that has led to Spiritual coaching as a means for sharing, and a vital exchange of my magnificent life force energy.

Through Spiritual Life coaching I am now able to bring all of the elements inherent in my skills bank into harmony. By allowing myself to be guided by intuitive logic and vision to support and assist my clients through challenging situations, I have been and continue to be enlisted as coach. I work with my clients to co-create a partnership of support and empowerment designed to clarify, align, and create an environment that will lead them to discover their highest and best selves. My finely tuned sensibilities encourage my clients to go deeper within themselves for answers to there pressing issues. Through divine wisdom and practical spiritual applications I help my clients to co-create and live the most fulfilled and authentic life possible.

I will support you as you make the transformation that changes the mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that have kept you stuck in old habits or have held you back from your dreams. As a certified Spiritual Life Coach I can help you find the way to your truest, most authentic self. I support my clients so they can uncover and incorporate their own unique core gifts into their life work.

I will support you in tapping into the infinite wisdom of your Higher Self to provide healing, growth, self-confidence, self-esteem and forward movement. Let me support you in creating your own exceptional life journey.

So welcome to the Journey!